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Engagement Rings: Quality
at the best price.

Engagement rings come to mark an special time in our lives, making it the more special. With 30 years of experience, Chantal offers you the expertise that brings peace of mind when looking for engagement rings and wedding bands. As a third generation jeweller-diamond dealer, Chantal specializes in diamonds and fine jewellery. You can expect the precise advice for your budget from passionate professionals.

We made the process of selecting your engagement ring stress-free for you: call us or email us for a free private consultation at our offices, to discuss about your needs. Competitively priced from 2,000, we hold a range of unique wedding bands and engagement rings.

If required, we can source the stone and produce the ring within a couple of weeks.

Our strength is recognised not only by our ability to determine the best stone for you, but by our expertise to help you make the final decision. Our advise on certified stones goes beyond the excellence in quality requirements, as we are able to asses that special stone for your needs.

Why go abroad if we can do it for you?

Chantal have offices in Antwerp, Belgium, the main centre for both rough and polished diamonds. This makes possible to offer you the opportunity to buy at market prices, lower than the retail prices. All stones are certified by the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) and the HRD (The Hoge Raad voor Diamant), the major certifiers of important stones. Also, our partners are members of the Antwerp Diamond Burse and Club.

Our sources polish and cut large and important stones which are then sold on to the major jewellery houses. We carry a large inventory of important stones as well as sourcing for and advising clients according to their requirements. We offer advise as to cut, colour and clarity of the stone. This advice is aimed at providing the maximun benefit with regard to both investment and pleasure.

Chantal offers a bespoke engagement ring service and will deliver exactly what you need.

For further information, and to find out about our engagement rings, please contact us by phone or email - our details are displayed below. If you wish to visit our offices in Antwerp, we could make the necessary arrangements.